Development Plan & Policy

As part of the state's planning and development system, a Development Plan applies to the City of Port Adelaide Enfield. While the Development Plan bears the Council’s name, the content is ultimately determined by the Minister for Planning.

The Development Plan is the key statutory document used in assessing development applications that are lodged under the Development Act 1993.

When a development application is lodged for approval, the relevant authority (in most cases Council) must not grant Development Plan Consent if development is deemed to be ‘seriously at variance’ with the Development Plan.

Development Plan Amendments

From time to time, Development Plans are updated through the rezoning of land or rewriting of existing policies. This update process is known as a Development Plan Amendment (DPA), and must follow the requirements of the Act. While the Minister for Planning or Council can initiate a DPA, only the Minister can approve a DPA.

As of September 2017, Port Adelaide Enfield is subject to four active DPAs, as discussed below:

Light Industry Zone, Northfield DPA

Council is reviewing the land use policies that guide the development of industrial land at Northfield. The review is intended to enable a rezoning for residential, retail and commercial purposes. The DPA is privately funded.

The DPA was released for public consultation from 22 September 2016 until 18 November 2016. This was followed by a public meeting on 6 December 2016. On 11 April 2017, Council considered all of the submissions received and endorsed a revised version of the DPA. In May 2017, the revised DPA, consultation report and copies of all public submissions were submitted to the Minister for approval. The link below contains the:

  • Consultation version of the DPA;
  • Information Sheet that provides an overview of the DPA;
  • Studies undertaken to inform the DPA;
  • Public submissions made during the consultation period;
  • Consultation report; and
  • Revised DPA submitted to the Minister for approval.

Northfield light industry rezoning consultation

Industry/Business (Gepps Cross Gateway) Review DPA

The Minister gazetted the Industry/Business (Gepps Cross Gateway) Review DPA on 26 September 2017. The DPA has changed the development policies applying to 600-714 Main North Road. This location now allows for the development of a large-scale retail facility, which may include a:

  • discount outlet centre (up to 20,000m²) selling apparel, homewares, and the like.
  • indoor recreation centre (up to 7,000m²); and
  • supermarket (up to 3,000m²).

Kilburn and Blair Athol Urban Renewal DPA

The Minister gazetted the Kilburn and Blair Athol Urban Renewal DPA on 22 August 2017. The DPA has introduced the Urban Renewal Zone, which encourages new housing stock, mixed uses at increased densities, and a transition away from existing industrial land uses near Grand Junction Road. Further details are available from the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, via the Department's webpage.

Corner Days & Regency Roads, Croydon Park DPA

Council is reviewing the land use policies applying to a large area of underutilised industrial zoned land at Days Road and Regency Road, Croydon Park. The DPA is privately funded, and the affected area is under the ownership of several different parties. The zoning review is intended to enable the future development of the land for residential, retail, and commercial uses. 

In January 2017, Council obtained agreement from the Minister on a Statement of Intent. Negotiations are continuing between the affected landowners, which must be finalised before technical site investigations can be completed.

Strategic Directions Report

Under Section 30 of the Act, Council is required to undertake a periodic review of its Development Plan, to ensure it is consistent with the State Government's Planning Strategy (the 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide). The review process culminates in a document known as a Strategic Directions Report.

Council began its review in May 2011, and its findings were released for public consultation in October 2011. In accordance with the Act, the report was furnished to the Minister for Planning, with final acceptance in December 2012 from the state Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure.

The Strategic Directions Report contains a 5-year work program of Development Plan Amendments intended by the Council. Implementation of the program is subject to factors such as resourcing and alignment with State Government policy.

The report is available below, in two formats:

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