Complaints and Feedback

Council welcomes feedback about its services at any time, but particularly if you have a concern or complaint about the way that we have provided a service.  If you are dissatisfied with a product or service delivered by the Council, its staff or a third party that represents the Council, you may wish to complain about the matter. 

We are always working on improving ways that customers and community members can communicate with us. Council is committed to the principles of transparency and fairness when handling customer compliments, requests and complaints. You may wish to contact Council regarding a general matter, the standard of a service or in relation to Elected Members, Council employees, Council Volunteers or a supplier or contractor acting on behalf of the Council.

Regardless of the method you chose to contact us by, you can expect to

  • be treated with courtesy and respect
  • have assistance provided to facilitate communication, which may include arranging an interpreter or involving an advocate
  • be advised that your contact or complaint has been received and be kept informed about the timeframes expected for a response
  • have your contact or complaint considered quickly and fairly
  • have you contact or complaint handled confidentially, where appropriate
  • be provided with information about other options that are available
  • receive feedback or an outcome to your contact or complaint

In return, we ask that you treat our Elected Members, staff, volunteers and representatives with the same courtesy and respect. Vexatious, malicious or discriminatory behaviour towards any Council officer will not be tolerated. Council keeps a record of reports received each year and improvements that have been made as a result of complaints received. You can find more information about complaints received by Council in our Annual Report.

Our Public Integrity Guide outlines your options should you wish you wish to compliment, or make a complaint about Council.  The types of contacts detailed within the Guide include:

  • Comments and compliments
  • Requests for information
  • Requests for service
  • Freedom of Information applications
  • Complaints
  • Internal Review of Council Decisions (Section 270 of the Local Government Act).  Further details about lodging a grievance related to the impact of the declaration of rates or services charges can be found in Council's Rate Rebate policy, available below.
  • Complaints directed to the Ombudsman
  • Complaints directed to the Office of Public Integrity

 If you wish to make a complaint online, please use the 'Online services' link below.

For further information on this topic, or if you have any questions, please call our helpful Customer Services team on 8405 6600 or send us an email.
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